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Our team of specialists is able to assist you in all stages of product development.
We can help you work on your product specifications, determinate what are your technical requirements, and set up specifications accordingly.
Product hardware, firmware and software development, from proof of concept to final design.
Finished product
The product is ready for production,
we can assist with the production process, production equipment and logistics.


Developing custom electronics. From analog to microcontrollers, programmable logic to embedded computing and custom prototypes.
Custom firmware for various microcontroller platforms: PIC, ARM, ATMEL, 8051, etc... and custom HDL design.
Software for embedded Linux systems, desktop applications for Linux and Windows and product web integration.
Product housing and mechanism development from various materials.
Product development
Developing ideas from concept to working final prototype.
Consulting clients and startups on product development in various stages of projects.
Concept Evaluation
Evaluating use of existing solutions and technologies for your product idea.

About us

At Pulsar Laboratories we can take you from your idea to final product. As you work with us we provide you with support in development of your product. We use our expirience from previous projects to make your product great and optimise every aspect of development and production.

Pulsar Laboratiories was founded by Ante Medic and Dajgoro Labinac, two electronics and technology enthusiasts after working together on many projects related to werable tech and specific custom electronics. We have highly skilled coworkers who make your product best it can be.